Directions For Shock Treat – No or Chlorine Low



  • Insufficient Chlorine
  • Adding chlorine at the wrong time of the day
  • Bad weather


All dosages are based on an average pool with a capacity of 50 000 litres. Adjust according to your pool size, regional variations and weather conditions.




In the case of Vinyl or coloured lining, add HTH® Granular+ Mineralsoft™ directly to the weir to prevent bleaching.




  1. If your pool is stabilised (a cyanuric acid level of 50ppm) add 250g HTH® Granular+ Mineralsoft Pool Chlorine every other evening or as often as required to maintain a chlorine residual level of 1 –3 ppm.
  2. Shock treat with 3 cups of HTH® Granular+ Mineralsoft Pool Chlorine or 1 sachet of HTH®Shock It once a month to increase Chlorine level



Recommended Product/s:


HTH® Granular + Mineralsoft™ Pool Chlorine or use HTH® Shock It® for monthly shock treatment. or use HTH® Shock. HTH® Green to Blue.