How to reduce a high stabiliser level



Continuous use of stabilised chlorine products or overdosing with pool stabiliser.

HTH® recommends that the stabiliser level never exceeds 50ppm.




The only solution is to “dilute” the stabiliser level by removing some of the water and topping up with fresh water:


  1. The simplest and most economical way is to drain a portion of the pool water by setting your pool filter onto “waste”. Approximately a quarter of the pool water should be sufficient in most cases although in severe cases of stabiliser levels (over 120ppm), additional water may need to be removed.
  2. The pool must then be topped up with fresh water.NB: Either the use of HTH® Granular+ Mineralsoft Chlorine™ or HTH® Non Stabilised floater is recommend for sanitizing the pool to prevent increasing levels of stabliser.

    Please Note:

    If you choose not to reduce the stabiliser level in your pool water:
    The condition of your pool water may not improve.



All dosages are based on an average pool with a capacity of 50 000 litres. Adjust according to your pool size, regional variations and weather conditions.