HTH® Non-stabilised Floater Small

The water temperature, swimming activity, pool shape and filtering hours, influences the dissolve rate of the floater.

Directions for use: (only for use in in-ground pools)



Test pH Weekly


  • Maintain pH between 7.2-7.6 in
  • Test and correct weekly
  • If pH is < 7.2, add HTH® Soda Ash
  • If pH is       > 7.6, add HTH® Easy Acid


Choose Pool Size:


  • Setting S =10 000- 15 000L
  • Setting M = 22 500L
  • Setting L – 30 000L


Place in pool:


Place floater in pool in a vertical position and allow to floater freely. Do not submerge floater completely under the water (important in case of pool covers).




  • In extreme conditions (i.e., extreme weather, high bather load, etc)
  • Add 3 x normal dose of HTH® Granular + mineral soft or 1 bag of HTH® Shock It
  • Only enter pool water when chlorine level is <3ppm




  • Replace when floater has tipped onto its side. Do not lift or remove floater from water until empty. Drain remaining water from floater back into the pool. Avoid contact with clothing.PLEASE NOTE: The sleeve and spaces will remain in the floater when empty.Special Note: Maintain a daily chlorine residual of 1 -3ppm.
    Add HTH® Granular + as required.