HTH® Granular+Mineralsoft™ 2kg

  • 2kg Granular L146 and N-AR 1060 of act 36 of 1947
  • Non-stabilised chlorine
  • Kills algae and bacteria
  • Now gentler on skin
  • Now faster dissolve
  • Can be used as a Shock Treatment

Directions For Use:

(Based on a 50 000l pool)

Use only as directed.


  1. Maintain pH between 7.2-7.6 in Marbelite pools or 7.0-7.2 in Fibreglass pools
  2. Test and correct weekly
  3. If pH is < 7.2, add HTH® Soda Ash
  4. If pH is > 7.6, add HTH® Easy Acid



With pump running on filter setting

Add 1 cup (250g) 50 000liters around the sides of the pool in the early evening

Daily or every 2nd day (maintain 1 -3ppm free chlorine)

NB: In case of vinyl or colored pool lining, add HTH® Granular + mineralsoft directly into the weir to prevent bleaching.



To treat algae, discolored water or due to extreme conditions (i.e., extreme weather, high bather load, etc)

With the pump on the filter setting

Add 3 x normal dose of HTH® Granular + or 1 bag of HTH® Shock It

Test and correct pH after 12 hours. Only enter pool water when chlorine level is <3ppm