Consider all the following suggestions…

Ensure adult supervision at all times– don’t get distracted while watching children playing in and around the pool.

Restrict access to swimming pools.
-Use of a pool fence with a self-latching, spring-loaded gate
-Install a good quality net fitted by a professional.
-Consider fitting a pool alarm and / or a alarm on the pool gate.

Teach children to swim as young as possible.
-Contact Swimming South Africa (SSA) for a list a certified instructors.
-Be aware that buoyancy aids like inflatable wings do not replace the need to teach children to swim.

Encourage safety conscious behavior around the pool.
-Don’t allow children to push children into the pool, run around the pool or hold other children under water.
-Don’t eat or drink immediately before or during swimming.

Remove pool toys from the pool to prevent a child trying to reach out for these.

Remember to empty the water from paddling pool when not in use.

Follow on-pack instruction for safe handling and storage of pool chemicals.