Be water-wise this Summer

Do's Dont's
DO cover your pool – you can conserve up to 95% of water lost through evaporation. DON’T leave pool water untreated – contaminated water is a health and drowning risk and a breeding place for mosquitos.
DO turn off water features in your pool to reduce evaporation. DON’T allow boisterous activities in the pool, as this results in splash-out.
DO fix water leaks to prevent unnecessary water loss. DON’T over-stabilise your pool water – this will result in having to drain a portion of pool water.
DO keep your pool topped up as the pump & filter cannot operate properly if the water level is too low. DON’T empty your pool – there is a risk that the pool surface may crack, and the pool shell may lift out of the ground.
DO backwash & rinse your pool filter every 2 weeks or when your automatic pool cleaner becomes sluggish. DON’T add “grey water” directly to your pool.
DO continue with a regular pool care routine to prevent problems that come with additional water costs. DON’T allow pets to swim – this requires additional filtration and backwashing.
DO consider harvesting rainwater for use in topping up your pool. Test and correct your pH and chlorine levels regularly.
DO turn off solar or electric pool heaters as this will reduce water loss due to evaporation.