All you need for a crystal clear swimming pool

We know how much you love and enjoy your pool.

HTH® is invested in keeping yours crystal clear and ensuring safe water use, whether you’re a professional, enthusiast or an everyday hero who protects us around water. We are committed to solutions for a sustainable world, where everyone has the confidence, products and skills to enjoy water safely, providing you with easy-to-use HTH® products for your pool.
Now, You’re all clear with HTH®

Pool Care

Keeping your pool crystal clear is easy when you give it the care and treatment it deserves.

Pool Solutions

HTH® has a wide range of pool solutions for your swimming pool, no matter the size.

Useful Tips

Summer on the horizon? We’re here to make sure that your pool is always splash-ready.
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The HTH® difference means having...

Easy-to-use HTH® pool care products that allow you to keep your pool crystal clear all year round.
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First aid and safety measures

Get access to our product-specific Safety Data Sheets in the case of medical emergency.

HTH® Product Categories

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