Dear HTH® consumer, thank you very much for choosing HTH® products for your swimming pool.


We wish to bring the following to your attention, due to a combination of factors beyond our control, HTH® South Africa is currently experiencing some difficulty in maintaining regular supply of Pool Chemicals to all its Customers and Consumers. Please know that we are doing everything possible to increase output, and hope to restore normal inventory levels in the upcoming months.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

HTH® South Africa.

Get your pool ready

Your pool is a needy thing, give it the love and attention you know it deserves.

Pool Maintenance Tricks

We can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, but boy do we have pool tricks up our sleeve.

Holiday Pool Care Tips

We know you need a holiday, don’t let your pool feel unloved.


Curious minds shall be rewarded (with answers).

Nominate your pool offender!

Help us give out red cards to the worst pool offenders in South Africa!

The HTH® Difference

HTH®pool care products will keep your water sparkling blue and clean all summer long, so that you and your family can spend more time having fun in the pool, and less time cleaning it.


Our Swimming pool range brings clean, healthy water to households worldwide with a variety of shock, sanitisers, algaecides and accessories.


The HTH® brand of sanitisers can be purchased from retailers across the country including Pick & Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Builders and Spar stores. Please check with your local retailer on availability during lock-down.

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Our Top Performers

HTH Floater+

HTH® Floater+

HTH® Granular+Mineralsoft™ 4kg

Pace Floater

HTH® Pace™ Floater

Granular + Mineralsoft 8kg

HTH® Granular+Mineralsoft™ 8kg


HTH® Granular+Mineralsoft™ 2kg

Floater+ Small Pools

HTH® Floater+Small Pools

HTH® Super Shock It

HTH® Super Shock It

HTH Clear 4 Weeks

HTH® Clear-4-Weeks

HTH® Shock It

HTH® Shock It

Green to Blue

HTH® Green to Blue

Get Great Advice To Help Keep Your Pool HTH® Perfect!


Calculate Your Pool Size

How to calculate the amount of water in your pool. Oval Pool, Round Pool & Rectangular Pool.

Correct Filtering Hours

In general, we recommend that you filter for 12 hours per day in summer, & 6-8 hours per day in winter

Backwash and Rinsing

When you filter your pool, a lot of dirt and debris is caught in the filter sand.

Remove Debris

Pump and weir baskets that are full restricts water flow through the pump and filter, and puts unnecessary strain on the pump.

Maintain Levels

For a sparkling blue pool that is fit to swim in, you must maintain the correct levels in your pool water.

Choose A Sanitiser

Chose a sanitiser that suits your lifestyle. Dose daily, weekly or monthly.

Videos to help you keep your pool sparking blue


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