Test your pool water

The main cause of most pool problems can be traced back to water parameter levels not within their recommended ranges. Test your pool parameters weekly to stay one step ahead of the most notorious pool issues.

Early Warning Pool Test Strips

Dip and Match, it only takes 2 seconds - as quickly as dipping your toes into the pool water.


  • Dip strip to a depth of 15cm for 2 seconds.
  • Shake once to remove excess water
  • Hold strip upright and compare immediately
    with the colour chart below.
  • Read results in this order:
    1 – Free Chlorine
    2 – Total Alkalinity
    3 – pH
    4 – Stabiliser


Caring for your test strips

Avoid getting any moisture inside the bottle. Tightly close the cap after removing the test strip. For best results, read in natural daylight. Store in a cool dry place.

HTH® 3-in-1 Test Kit


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a durable, reusable container
  • Contains reagents to test free chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity
  • Contains test vial with colour chart for free chlorine and pH measurement

Test Strip Diagram

How To

Increase or
Decrease TA

Increase or Decrease
pH Level

Turn green water
to blue

Directions for
shock treatment

Remove copper (metals)
from pool water

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