Turn Your Pool Blue in 24hrs

1. Calculate size of pool
and volume of water.

2. Start the treatment in
the late afternoon.

3. Clear the pump and
weir baskets of debris.

4. Use HTH® Green
to blue


(Based on a 50 000l pool)
Use only as directed.
NB: When using HTH® Green to Blue its important to note the following:
NB: If pool lining is fibreglass/coloured, first pre-dissolve the contents of Pack 1 ONLY in a bucket of water and then add to pool water. Thereafter, pre-dissolve contents of Pack 2 ONLY in a bucket of water and then add to pool water.
Precautions: do not mix the contents of pack 1 with the contents of pack 2, it can result in a chemical reaction that may cause injury, or death.
01 | Backwash the filter for 3 minutes, then rinse for 2 minutes.

02 | Scoop any visible leaves or other debris off the bottom of the pool to allow the automatic pool cleaner to move freely.

03 | Set the multiport valve to the FILTER position and set the timer to run for 12 continuous hours; turn the pump on.

04 | Sprinkle the contents of PACK 1 around the sides of the pool.

05 | Brush all visible algae off pool walls and steps.

06 | Once the 12 hours of filtering is complete, clear the pump and weir baskets of debris.BACKWASH the filter for 3 minutes and then RINSE for 2 minutes. Continue on FILTER for a further 12 hours.

07 | Remove the HTH® Sparkle It™ Cube from the packaging and add to pool – follow label directions.

08 | If the pool is very cloudy, add HTH® Xtreme Flocc – follow label directions.

09 | Do not enter the pool until the chlorine residual is <3 ppm.
You may also need the following products depending on the severity of the pool water:
-HTH® Metal Remover
-HTH® Xtreme Flocc.
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