HTH® Metal Remover

Nobody likes brown stains, especially in your swimming pool! Use HTH® metal remover to prevent metals from causing unsightly black or brown stains on your pool lining.

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Metals like copper and Iron are introduced to pool water by certain pool products, low levels of pH and TA for extended periods and certain water sources like borehole water. HTH® Metal Remover binds to metals, keeping them in solution, thereby preventing them from depositing onto the pool lining. Metal remover also reduces scaling and could lead to cloudy water after application. For best results follow up with a clarifier treatment.

Features & Benefits
  • Helps to remove metal and organic stains from pool linings
  • Add 1L for every 50,000 liters of water
  • Can remove scale from pool linings
  • Ideal for use with borehole water

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