Summer never felt so good

Before you feel the splash of summer, remember to go through our checklist

Ensure that your pump, filter and automatic pool cleaner are in good working order.
Clear floating debris from the surface and scoop out debris that may have accumulated on the bottom of the pool. Clear both the pool pump and weir baskets.
Water Level

Top up the pool water level so that it
reaches the middle of the weir.

Backwash the filter for 2 minutes and rinse the pool filter for 30 seconds.
Plug in your automatic pool cleaner and check that it is working.

Set your pool timer to run for 12 hours or
adjust to suit your pool size.

Let’s prep the water to swim

Test and correct
Test your water using a pool water test kit or test strips. Adjust your water parameters to within the recommended ranges.

Ongoing pool water maintenance:

Remember to:
How to keep your pool blue while you’re away
Top up your pool water as the pump & filter cannot operate properly if the water level is too low. If you are going away for an extended holiday, ask a friend or neighbour to clear your pump and weir baskets, backwash and rinse your filter regularly and check that your chlorine level is within the recommended range. Safety is important when you are leaving your pool unattended. Restrict access to the pool by ensuring that the pool enclosure gate is closed and/or that the pool net is securely fitted.
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