HTH® Xtreme Flocc

Look no further for the ultimate solution for severely cloudy and dirty pools. HTH® Xtreme Flocc settles any suspended material in the pool within 24 hours for removal through manual vacuuming.

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HTH® Xtreme Flocc is a powerful liquid clarifier that is ideal to help treat severely green or cloudy swimming pools. Once added, this product will cause any material in the pool to settle to the bottom, allowing for easy removal through manual vacuuming. HTH® Xtreme Flocc is the perfect solution to restore your pool back to its sparkling blue condition.

Features & benefits
  • Ideal to treat severely green or cloudy pools
  • Manual vacuuming required
  • Use 1 Litre HTH® Xtreme Flocc for every 50,000 liters of water

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