HTH® Sparkle-It Cube

  • Makes pool water sparkle overnight
  • Fast acting clarifier
  • Place in weir basket


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Directions for use:


(Based on a 50 000l pool)


Use only as directed.


Recommended for use in sand filters only. Never use more than 1 bottle of HTH® Sparkle It™ Cube at a time, rather use and repeat treatment after thoroughly backwashing and rinsing the filter.


  1. For best results, backwash, rinse and clear the pump and weir baskets.
  2. Remove HTH® Sparkle It™ cube from the outer packaging.
  3. Place HTH® Sparkle It™ Cube into the weir basket – underneath the pressure plate (see diagram)
  4. Ensure that the filter is set to run for 12 consecutive hours overnight.
  5. For pools >50 000l only use one HTH® Sparkle It™ Cube at a time. Rather repeat treatment.