Removing copper (metals)
from your pool


(Based on a 50 000l pool)
Use only as directed.
01 | Disconnect the automatic pool cleaner (APC).

02 | With the multiport set to CIRCULATE/RE-CIRCULATE/ BYPASS, pour 1 liter of HTH® Metal remover around the sides of the pool.

03 | Allow to circulate for at least 8 hours to ensure thorough mixing.

04 | Test and adjust pH if necessary.

05 | Reconnect the automatic pool cleaner.

06 | Allow the filter to run continuously for 24 hours.

07 | Resume normal chlorination and filtration.

08 | If your pool water turns cloudy after using HTH® Metal remover, add HTH® Sparkle It cube or HTH® Sparkle It in accordance with label instructions.
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