How do I know if my pool is OVER stabilised?

The best way to determine whether your pool water is over stabilised is to use HTH® Early Warning Pool Test Strips.

Recommended Solutions

Unfortunately, no pool chemical solutions are available on the market that can reduce stabiliser levels. To address the issue, consider draining a significant portion of thepool and refilling it with clean water. However, in regions with water supply concerns like South Africa, addressing over stabilised pools requires caution and responsible water usage.
First, thoroughly backwash the filtration system to optimise its performance. Then, ensure the pool is filled to its maximum volume, which will gradually help dilute the stabiliser levels to some extent.
Lower the CYA/stabiliser levels to below 80 ppm before using any of the shock treatment products and HTH® Granular+ mineralsoft chlorine.
Contact our HTH helpline for assistance in fixing your OVER stabilised pool.
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