HTH® Floater+ For Small Pools

Its clear – it works! HTH® Floater+ is a mult-action floater designed to sanitise, clarify and shock treat smaller swimming pools, keeping it clear and sparkling for an entire month.

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A Powerful slow release sanitiser with a quick dissolve clarifier and a built-in shock treatment. It's the all-round pool care solution trusted to keep your pool in top condition for an entire month. Its clear - it works!

Features & benefits
  • Registered Product (L6842 of Act 36 of 1947)
  • Contains slow-release stabilised chlorine
  • Multifunctional product that sanitises, clarifies and shock treats your pool
  • Helps to prevent and kill algae
  • See-through floater so you know when it's time to replace
  • Ideal for pool sizes from 10,000 to 30,000 liters

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