HTH® Scientific Commercial Granular 25kg

With the powerful active ingredient of Calcium Hypochlorite, our HTH Scientific® Granular solution is trusted to tackle the disinfection of water systems. Due to its strength and effectiveness, it is in high demand and a popular choice in many applications.

  • Commercial swimming pools.
  • For use in manual dosing applications
  • Effective bactericide and fungicide, aiding in bacteria and algae control
  • Helps to eliminate odours
  • Due to a high concentration of the active ingredient, a relatively small amount of the product can effectively disinfect large amounts of water
  • Registered with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF); Registration Number L7755 of Act 36/1947
  • Product Packaging Size: 25kg Drum
  • Product Code: SCI25
  • Sold in units

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