Is my pool OVER stabilised?

Maintaining a pool can be intimidating, especially for first-time owners. Imagine investing in pool supplies only to face a persistent bright green pool no matter how much chlorine you add. If this is the case take a look at the cyanuric SUN PROTECTION acid levels in the water…

What is cyanuric acid?
Cyanuric acid, or pool stabiliser (CYA), is a molecule that “stabilises” and protects chlorine in water from the sun’s UV rays. It acts as an umbrella, preserving the chlorine’s effectiveness in killing bacteria and algae.

Stabiliser can be added independently with HTH® Pool Stabiliser or by using stabilised chlorine products such as HTH® Floater+ and Pace™ Floater. Product labels typically specify whether the chlorine is stabilised or not. Remember to use the appropriate-sized floater that matches your pool volume.

What is OVER stabilisation?

“chlorine lock”?
Over stabilisation occurs when there’s excessive stabiliser in the water. We recommend levels around 50 ppm, as build-up exceeding 80 can lead to “chlorine lock.” 
Chlorine gets “trapped” by cyanuric acid molecules, and cannot react to kill bacteria or algae. This results in a persistent bright luminous green pool, unaffected by chlorine shock treatment.
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