HTH® Stabiliser 1kg

  • Increases the stabiliser level in pool water
  • Helps retain chlorine for longer
  • Promotes cost effective pool care


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Directions for use:

(Based on a 50 000l pool)

Use only as directed.


Every 1KG of HTH® Pool Stabiliser will raise the stabilizer level in a 50 000liter pool by 20ppm.


  1. Disconnect the automatic pool cleaner
  2. Clear pump and weir baskets
  3. Backwash the filter for 2 mins and rinse the filter for 20 seconds
  4. With the pump on the filter position, slowly pour the contents of HTH® Pool Stabiliser directly into the weir.
  5. Filter for 24 hours continuously.
  6. Reconnect the automatic pool cleaner.
  7. Continue with normal filtration and chlorination.