HTH® Green Algaecide Micro

HTH® Green Algaecide stops green algae dead in its tracks and prevents green water before your pool water competes with your lawn. It turns pool water from swamp green into a blue bliss.

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HTH® Green Algaecide micro is a concentrated algaecide formula used to treat pool water with a slight green tinge/hue and prevent algae problems from getting out of hand. It also contains a built-in flocculant to trap fine particles and add sparkle to your pool.

Features & benefits
  • Registered product (L5621 of Act 36 of 1947)
  • Kills and removes Green Algae
  • Concentrated formula with added sparkle clarifier
  • Use 1L of HTH Green Algaecide Micro for every 50,000 liters of water

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