HTH® Leaf Skimmer

Keep your pool pristine with the HTH® Leaf Skimmer. Floating leaves and debris not only increase chlorine usage but also lead to unsightly stains and a neglected look. Easily maintain your pool’s cleanliness by removing surface leaves with this essential tool.

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The HTH® Leaf Skimmer is equipped with a spacious net, it efficiently captures leaves and debris from your pool's surface, bringing you one step closer to a clean and inviting swimming environment.

Features & benefits
  • Wide surface area to capture more debris.
  • Small net aperture size to capture smaller debris and objects effectively.
  • For use with an HTH® Telescopic Pole, use the wishbone inside leaf skimmer handle for easy connection.
  • The HTH® Leaf Skimmer contains 70% recycled plastic.
  • Manufactured in South Africa.

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