HTH® Pool Hoses

HTH® Pool Hoses is the ultimate solution for efficient water circulation and maintenance in your swimming pool. Available in three vibrant colours – blue, grey, and natural – these hoses are designed to meet all your pool cleaning needs.

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HTH® Pool Hoses are crafted with precision to provide exceptional performance and reliability for your pool maintenance needs. Their universal fit makes them compatible with all brands of hoses, ensuring hassle-free installation and seamless integration into your existing pool system.

Features & benefits
  • Fits all brands of hoses, ensuring easy integration into any pool system.
  • Built-in sun protection protects the hoses against UV rays, extending their lifespan.
  • Their maximum flexibility allows for easy maneuverability and positioning where required.
  • Available in blue, grey, and natural colours.
  • 3-year Manufacturing Warranty.

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