HTH® 8 Wheel Sweeper

The HTH® 8-Wheel Sweeper glides effortlessly across swimming pool floors, and efficiently removes settled debris for a sparkling clean swimming pool.

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The HTH® 8-wheel sweeper simplifies the manual vacuuming process with its durable design, allowing you to effortlessly remove settled debris from the swimming pool floor. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning tasks as this fitting streamlines maintenance, ensuring a pristine pool with minimal effort.

Features & benefits
  • Durable fitting with 8 wheels.
  • Fits onto all HTH® pool hoses.
  • Connects seamlessly to the HTH® Telescopic Pole using the white wishbone or HTH® Nuts & Bolts.
  • The HTH® 8-Wheel Sweeper contains at least 14% recycled plastic.
  • Manufactured in South Africa.
  • Ideal for use with HTH® Extreme Flocc.

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