HTH® Telescopic Pole 3m

The HTH® Telescopic Pole is your ideal pool cleaning companion. Extendable up to 3 meters, its robust and ribbed design ensures durability and scratch-resistance. Use the telescopic pole to help your pool accessories reach all the hard-to-reach spots they need to clean.

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The HTH® Telescopic Pole connects seamlessly with all HTH® accessories to assist in keeping your pool clean and clear. With strategically located drainage holes it allows for comfortable handling during use. Connect the pole to any of the HTH® accessories by using the innovative white wishbone or the more traditional HTH® Nuts & Bolts.

Features & benefits
  • Extends to 3 metres.
  • The ribbed design of the pole is scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.
  • Robust design for easy use.
  • Strategically located holes to allow water to drain easily during use.
  • Easy connection with all HTH Accessories by using the white wishbone or traditional Nuts & Bolts.

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